Let ArmIt Marine bring reliable, global Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to your boat. ArmIt Marine gives you 24/7. next-generation connected boat products that provide private boat owners, fleet managers and boat manufacturers with remote access to vital information about their boats, ensuring peace of mind and a better boating experience.

With IoT connectivity,ArmIt Marine’s new Bilge Max monitor and hatch sensors will provide boaters the ability to monitor, track, control and secure their boats no matter where they are in the world, eliminating worry and enhancing the boat ownership experience. ArmIt Marine customers receive instant alerts via smartphone, tablet or computer if a critical event occurs, such as unauthorized entry or water leakage into the boat’s bilge.

ArmIt Marine’s wireless autonomous sensors allow boaters the peace of mind that their boats are always secure.

ArmIt Marine’s suite of autonomous sensors paired with its robust global network can give boaters peace of mind even when  they are miles away from their vessel.

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