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ArmIt Marine provides the simplest, most affordable boat monitoring system on the market today, offering boaters an instant solution to Protect What Matters Most. Getting your Boat Connected has never been easier. Monitor bilge water levels, open or closes on hatches, doors or cabins, temperature or water leaks. Worried about unauthorized persons on your boat? No problem, get instant Photo-Alerts to your smart-phone with MotionCam Pro.  

Did we mention simple?  ARMIT MAX Series, IoT-Monitoring sensors are battery powered and have the network built-in. Our sensors are completely autonomous, self-sufficent  and require no additional equipment to operate. No Hubs, No Gateways, No Routers, No Power, No Unreliable WiFi at your dock, marina or mooring and best of all  no complex programming or wiring diagrams. It’s that easy, simply create your account, select your connection plan and in a few minutes power on your device and your boat is instantly connected and monitored.


We make it simple to protect your entire boat. ARMIT provides battery-powered, monitored sensors that are easy to install and activate. Alerts are sent right to your smartphone 24/7. No hubs, no gateways or complex programming required.

ARMIT MotionCam-Pro™ | Wireless Motion Sensor Camera

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UPC: 863940000109
Brand: ArmIt Company

How it works:

The ARMIT MotionCam-Pro is a color day/night motion activated camera that is completely portable and operates on 2AA batteries. You receive text alerts and email photo alerts* when MotionCam-Pro detects movement in a protected area. With the 'Network Inside' and battery power you can use it virtually anywhere.

The ArmIt MotionCam-Pro is a must have device that you can take with you everywhere you go and use it to protect what matters most to you.

With an ARMIT MotionCam-Pro you can:

  • Monitor sheds, cabins, out buildings, self-storage units, RV's, Boats, Campers, dorm rooms, virtually anywhere you would like.
  • Receive an instant text message when protected area is entered and within a minute later a photo alert in your email inbox.
  • Unlimited cloud storage accessible when you login to your account.


*Requires ArmIt Connection Plan to operate. MotionCam-Pro connection plan $99.99/yr. includes unlimited cellular data and 24/7 IoT-Monitoring.

Download MotionCamPRO Spec Sheet
MotionCamPRO Quick Start Guide


  • The ARMIT MotionCam-Pro™ motion sensor camera has the 'Network Inside' and operates on 2 standard AA Lithium Batteries
  • Battery operation requires no plus to electrical outlets. MotionCam battery life should exceed 100 images
  • Stand-Alone Sensor The ArmIt MotionCam-Pro requires no Hub, Gateway or Programming to set up.
  • SIM Intelligent™ SIM card included. A smart SIM that can connect to any GSM network in your region and fail-over to an alternate carrier in the event of a network outage.

In The Box:

  • MotionCam Pro Wireless Network Camera
  • ArmIt VFOB Keyfob
  • 2 X AA alkaline courtesy battery
  • ArmIt SIM Card
  • Loop lock adhesive mounting tape.

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  • Wireless Motion Sensor Camera
  • High resolution day/night camera motion activated
  • Takes a Snapshot and sends photo to eMail and Phone
  • Battery Powered place MotionCam anywhere
  • Connects to ArmIt over Cellular Network
  • Receive Text, eMail and Photo alerts
  • Use in over 120 Countries* (requires Global Traveler plan)
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